The Method Of Detecting The Ink Index By The Membrane Switch Manufacturer

- Jul 31, 2017 -

Look at the appearance of the solvent, at least should be clear, transparent, if there is turbidity, floating objects, the solvent to be used with caution. Smell the solvent smell, contact with the commonly used solvent for a little longer, the operator of a particular solvent odor has a general impression, if found that the solvent odor is not pure, it can be sure that the solvent purity is not high, impurities than many. The use of dissolution effect of a principle to roughly measure the amount of water in the solvent: 100ml glass cylinder to take half of the cup of transparent toluene solvent, take a small amount of esters or ketones to be tested and other solvents, even into the toluene, the solvent just down Into the toluene, observe whether the turbidity (milky white) phenomenon, if any, the water content of the solvent is seriously exceeded, experience shows that when the water more than 0.5%, the phenomenon is very obvious. Water Test of Benzene Solvents The solvent can be extracted from a long glass tube to see if there is a stratification phenomenon.

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