The Membrane Switch Panel From Which To Check Whether The Qualified

- Jul 31, 2017 -

1, appearance: combination of state: the appearance of no residue of data, foreign body, stains, high and low and attached to the appearance and inside the grease, fingerprints on the line, punching the shape of the burr. Scars: all lines and contacts must not have through the surface of the cut (that is, cut from the line cut to the substrate). Subtle abrasion also does not affect its impedance for the principle. Carbon ink appearance is easy to scratches occur, the scratches to not affect the principle of line conduction. Foreign body: the line must not have attached to any foreign body.

2, the line conductor: conductor thickness: usually conductor thickness control in 7-12μm, and should be uniform, lubrication. Fragmentation of the conductor and pinhole: According to the following illustrations, it is agreed that one is allowed in each 50mm range. Carbon ink: cover the silver paste on the carbon ink, should ensure that the silver paste completely covered, the thickness of 8-10μm, there must be a very prominent silver paste. Broken, short circuit: do not promise any broken conductor, short circuit appearance.

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