Pvc Film Switch Panel How To Detect Good Or Bad

- Jul 31, 2017 -

Check the PVC film switch panel is good or bad, check the good after the panel to be posted on the line on the line. Pay attention to the PVC film switch panel four corners to adhere to the alignment, and if the bubble on the bubble, then it should first flattened, and then posted to the local window to see the window can not be sticky. After the paste to be careful to protect themselves from the bright window.

Carefully observe the PVC membrane switch panel line, does not allow the open circuit, short circuit and the resistance is too large, the most important thing is the core of the contents of attention, pay attention to check the PVC film switch panel is good or bad to check the PVC panel of each button Whether it is responsive (with a spring piece to look at the tube to use).

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