New Structure Characteristics Of Membrane Switch

- Jul 31, 2017 -

Membrane switch panel utility model is a piece of film switch sheet to punching and forming for the hollow line segmentation column with the appropriate pressure to return the elasticity of the linked piece of the button, the hollow line cutting the adjacent sheet-like button can not be linked when the press , The flake key surface directly hollow text, numbers or symbols and then in the bottom of the key bond a transparent film.

Membrane switch panel key molding structure of the main performance characteristics:

A thin film switch panel key forming structure characterized in that a sheet of a film switch sheet is formed by punching and shearing into a sheet-like key shape having a proper pressing resilient elasticity and a hollow line cutting each adjacent The sheet can not be linked when pressed.

2, the sheet-like key surface directly hollow digital, text or symbols, and then in the bottom of the sheet key to bond a transparent film, transparent film sealed by the sheet-like key hollow waterproof and transparent display text, digital With the symbol.

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