Membrane Switch Transport Storage Note The Problem

- Jul 31, 2017 -

1, the membrane switch outlet in the packing and placing the time to pay special attention, must let the film switch the direction of the outlet in the above.

2, a window of the membrane switch, when picked up and stored should be careful to avoid the membrane switch force to produce a bend, or there will be no recovery of the crease, which caused damage to the membrane switch.

3, in the membrane switch above the need to lay a layer of bubble film, so as to press the button to press the button to reduce the work, so that will not cause damage to the keys should be saved.

4, the membrane switch is a layer of transparent film is used to protect the membrane switch a flash window, this layer in the use of the best not to tear off.

5, take the time to take the membrane switch to be careful, do not appear scratching the phenomenon, after the other to be placed neatly restitution.

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