Membrane Switch Production Process To Pay Attention To What Matters

- Jul 31, 2017 -

1, the appearance of the film is not dirty, and sometimes liquid and machine roller may cause the appearance of the film stains, which will affect the quality of copy.

2, sets of doubt: positioning and angle, version of the standard is not complete, each film is not strictly aligned, in addition, because the film's drawing, and the accuracy of the photo machine error question, after the monochrome version and Once out of the version is not strictly aligned, all the film must be output together, or there may be scouring are not allowed.

3, to know their own planning useful scale, the request of the film, such as Zhengyang, anti-Yang, Zhengyin, anti-Yin (membrane switch circuit and positive and negative print to be extra correction), there are requested cable and network shape. If the fight version, imposition of the direction is not accurate.

4, the font of doubt, the font used with the output base equipment, if the use of a remote font, be sure to turn the curve.

5, the content is not a fault, which usually contains the font whether the distortion, graphics is not color separation, with or without static lines, film is not scratched and so on.

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