Membrane Switch Material Types

- Dec 29, 2017 -

Membrane switch material types

PVC PVC \ 60 ℃ \ 0.175 ~ 0.5 / smooth \ At room temperature, acid, alkali and salt stability. Good wear resistance, flame self-extinguishing, anechoic shock, electrical insulation is good. Thermal stability is poor. Cheap ordinary signs, panels.

Polycarbonate PC \ -60 ~ 120 ℃ \ 0.175 ~ 1.0 \ High light transmittance, low water absorption, good dimensional stability, bending, tensile strength, compressive strength is very superior, heat resistance, cold resistance, electricity Excellent insulation and weather resistance. Poor resistance to chemicals, fatigue resistance is poor, easy to produce stress cracking, the output interface terminal circuit is generally made of carbon material printing, and no protective coating, gradually formed by air oxidation shedding layer, and finally lead to open circuit End of life, which is the most prone to membrane switch failure, mainly the environment decided, regardless of use or not, the physical damage time is 3-10 years. The most widely applicable range, in addition to meet the requirements of most membrane switch panel, one of the high light transmittance of PC can meet the requirements of liquid crystal display windows.

Sand polyester (PET) - 30 ~ 120 ℃ \ 0.1 ~ 0.2 Smooth Good chemical resistance, insoluble in common organic solvents, not alkali. Has excellent mechanical properties, electrical properties, rigidity, hardness and thermoplastic maximum toughness, low water absorption, abrasion resistance, excellent abrasion resistance, dimensional stability. Tensile strength comparable with the aluminum film, much higher than the PC, PVC. Low because the surface is difficult to process matte type, it is more expensive texture PET film switching circuit is the ideal substrate. Which texture PET suitable for the surface of the higher demand or have a liquid crystal display window products.

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