PET Membrane Switches for Sewing Machine

PET Membrane Switches for Sewing Machine

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Product Details


Product Name:Sewing machine    membrane switch


the product structure:PET (PC) + line + Beijiao


the basic technical    parameters of products:Circuit level: 35V (DC), 100mA, 1W
Contact resistance: 10 ohms to 500 ohm (according to the wire    length and use of different materials and changes)
Insulation    resistance: 100M ohm 100V


the product features and use:the switch above the    thickness of 0.7mm, the service life of more than 1 million times, with good    sealing, waterproof, dustproof, anti erosion of harmful gases. According to    the overall requirements of the design, colors and patterns of arbitrary size    and shape, the keys can be free to choose
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