Intelligent Electric Toilet Cover Film Switch Panel

Intelligent Electric Toilet Cover Film Switch Panel

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Product Details

1 product name Household lampblack machine waterproof film control panel
2 product mix The sheet (PET/PC/PMMA/ glass) + ink layer + gum
3 BASIC TECHNIAL DATA The thickness of the panel (0.1-5mm), height of the key 0.5-1.5mm, life of more than 500 thousand operating temperature: -30 to 70 DEG C color difference is less than two
4 Product characteristics and uses Beautiful shape, color rich, flexible design, character pattern is not damaged, can fully reflect the designer and product style personalized, small volume, light weight, long service life. A good seal waterproof, dustproof, anti oil, anti fall, earthquake resistance, convenient installation. Key size and shape of free choice, character the display window can be arbitrary, trademark, collocation
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