What are the overall performance indicators of the membrane switch?

- Jul 31, 2017 -

1, environmental conditions:

Operating temperature: -20 ° C - + 100 ° C Operating humidity: 95% max 40 ° C;

Storage temperature: -25 ℃ - +115 ℃ Storage time: bagging 24 months;

2, the production error: ± 0.2 mm die error: ± 0.2 mm;

3, keypad operating force: 80-380g / cm;

4, switch characteristics: life:> 5 million times, according to distance: 0.05 ∽ 2.0mm by touch jump: 2ms;

5, the total switch thickness: 0.1 ∽ 1.5mm;

6, the edge characteristics:

Operating voltage: 20VDC Material Operating current: 50m A Switching current: 900m W MAX;

Contact resistance: 100ohms (length 250mm) Insulation resistance: 100M ohms Capacitance: 10pf.

The above is on the membrane switch performance indicators, and want to know more about the membrane switch knowledge can contact us.

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