The touch switch is different from the membrane switch

- Jul 31, 2017 -

Touch switch volume is small, is the specification, the sense of proportion and the relevant parameters to be combined with business norms, the color is also more numerous; and membrane switch can be based on the owner's request, made Jiangxinyuan size, appearance and color, the use of more convenient, sensitive Membrane switch hard, open structure and waterproof structure, the better adaptability to the conditions.

Touch switch costs and the price is relatively low, not because of the stability of the market price of raw materials to mobilize; and membrane switch compared to high prices, large volume, subject to the price of raw materials, a greater response.

Touch switch and membrane switch are attributed to the functional switch, touch switch is used when you gently press the switch button to switch the switch, when the open hand when the switch can be broken, the internal structure of the metal shrapnel by the Force to move to achieve on and off.

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