The method of cleaning the membrane switch

- Jul 31, 2017 -

1. Then put the membrane switch into the corresponding position to stick to a part, and then slowly tear off the remaining centrifugal paper (in the case can not exceed 15 degrees angle), then paste the corresponding position.

2. If the tearing of the reverse centrifugal paper in the process of the membrane switch need to be placed first, should be placed on the opposite side to prevent sticky to other objects affect the paste.

3. Clean the membrane switch to be bonded to the surface (thin film button manufacturers are required to be bonded surface smooth, no rust, no oil, clean).

4. Comparison of the size (the film switch to the paste to compare the size of the location is just right).

5. Then the bottom of the membrane switch centrifugal paper from the edge of stripping about 10mm.

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