The instrument cluster

- Feb 19, 2018 -

Auto Meter

The most prominent feature of modern instruments is the modular function, usually to assemble a meter, just a few functional modules in the custom PCB based on the combination, you can get a complete system Changan and other economical car pointer instrument in general As a stand-alone module, with prompt / alarm function completed by a small light bulb on the PCB The SANTANA series of pointers are driven by a cross-hair coil on the printed circuit board. The tips / warning lights are all the main data displayed on the dashboard of the LED sedan. Corresponding display mode.

Display method

Visible car meter is still mechanical-based, the main mode of communication harness to harness the biggest drawback of this model is too dependent on wiring harness, leading to system complexity With the rapid development of the automotive industry, there is great potential for the automotive electronics market is increasingly being Big car manufacturers and electronics suppliers, including those still in the development and experimental stages of clean energy vehicles, by Japan's world market leader in automotive audio equipment, automotive computer information terminal equipment and a variety of in-vehicle electronic control unit Such as the engine ECU, ABS, bus, new electronic instruments, etc. for automotive instruments, the use of electronic dashboards compared to the advantages of traditional instruments: hardware features of the software.

With the development of microelectronic technology, the processing speed of the microprocessor is getting faster and faster. Some real-time requirements are high. Functions originally performed by the hardware can be realized through programming the microprocessor.

system integration

The rapid development of integrated circuit technology, higher and higher density of integrated circuits, smaller and smaller, more complex internal structure, more powerful functions With some of the instrumentation hardware has been replaced by software, the entire system The integration is also a corresponding increase This design is a Freescale MCU-based car dashboard for the market is the dominant traditional car, and reference Changan car meter as a template, the main purpose is to achieve a car electronic dashboard Low-end program.

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