Membrane switch mark should not do things

- Jul 31, 2017 -

For the information displayed on the membrane switch panel must comply with the information, take the mechanical film switch, the above warning mark is probably what the key in what operation can not be used, or there will be a graphic tell you children, pregnant women and other vulnerable groups Can not be used and so on. Some people will say that they will not use the machine, then how to understand what is the membrane switch warning mark ah? For those who use less than the mechanical, naturally do not understand the mechanical film switch panel warning signs, but not with the mechanical, natural to the home appliances it. Home appliance switch on the warning signs sometimes more, because the family involved in personal safety and more. Appliance on the membrane switch warning mark, on the one hand is to maintain the life of home appliances, on the other hand is to maintain human safety. Household appliances on the membrane switch will generally prevent the pressure to prevent contact with the object should not be exposed, or to prevent children close to prevent chaos and other warning signs. For home appliances, there is a warning mark that is necessary, regardless of who is safe, and whether or not the membrane switch itself is normally used, so the life extension, warning signs are necessary.

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