instrument panel

- Feb 19, 2018 -

Automotive instruments by a variety of instruments, indicators, especially the driver with a warning light alarm and other components for the driver to provide the required vehicle operating parameters. According to different working principle of automobile instrument, it can be roughly divided into three generations. The first generation of automotive instruments is a mechanical movement table; the second generation of automotive instruments called electrical instruments; the third generation of all-digital automotive instrumentation, he is a networked, intelligent instruments, its functions more powerful, display content Richer, harnesses link more simple.

Most of the car instrument for the third generation of instruments it can stepper motor to drive the base pointer, you can also use the LCD screen to display graphics or text messages directly. At the same time, he also has an intelligent processing unit that can interact with other control units of the car.

The function of the car instrument is to obtain the required data and display it in a suitable way. The previous instrument is generally limited to 3 to 4 display and 4 to 5 warning function, and now the new instrument has reached about 15 volume display and about 40 warning monitoring. Different information obtained by different ways and display, the current new instrument information access There are three main ways: through the body bus transmission; through the A / D sampling conversion; IO state changes obtained.

For the display, there are five main ways:

1, driven by the stepping motor driven ruling rotation;

2, through dot matrix LCD display graphics or digital information;

3, through the segment LCD screen or digital display;

4, through the LED light switch display;

5, through the different buzzer beeps indicate the current status.

According to the above requirements, this article refers to the design of the car dashboard by the MCU system, stepper motor drive LED display, LCD display, alarm function, memory function, key processing, LIN bus communication, low speed fault tolerant CAN bus communication and power supply Aspects constitute


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