How should the membrane switch be disassembled?

- Jul 31, 2017 -

1, open the film panel, and then open the top layer of a thin film. With a multimeter to find the key to switch between the key and the circuit board to ensure that the conversion of the switch after the convergence point and the corresponding corresponding.

2, in the base film at each switching point with a positioning cone in the metal plate on the cone well hole. The perforation scale is slightly larger than the practiced scale of the column. To ensure that the Hui type switch is moved up and down in the hole without any obstruction, if the hole is too small, the switch will fail.

3, according to the distance of each hole on the moon plate. Will type switch fixed on the printing plate. And according to each switch corresponding to the convergence point Na good connection wiring. Together according to the 3 metal plate with the display panel between the practice space bit 2 to set the corresponding print plate edge to the fixed switch board. Since the new switch plate is between the metal plate and the indicator panel, it is also necessary to have holes corresponding to the display panel light bit 2 on the print plate to ensure that the LED of the display panel passes through the PCB Panel to see the display signal. Together with the line between the two plates must have a certain distance to prevent short circuit.

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