Film switch film panel how much money

- Jul 31, 2017 -

1, the membrane switch connection wire to be protected, not allowed to place down.

2, with the window of the product to prevent the material bending force, or may leave a crease.

3, the membrane switch stored in the room temperature, should be dust, moisture treatment, the surrounding air is not acidic, alkaline or other corrosive gases.

4, the product is generally covered with a transparent film, is to protect the product surface or display window is not scratched, should retain the protective film.

5, the product packaging foam cotton, separated by foam foam between products, is to reduce the external unconscious force on the button damage.

6, the original packaging out of a few of them, should be the same as the beam is good, but absolutely can not beam too tight.

7, feel (metal shrapnel, hot pressure convex buds) products, need to be packed vertical, to prevent the key for a long time pressure caused by failure.

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