Car Seat Sensor

Car Seat Sensor

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Car seat sensor
1.Product    Name: car seat sensor
2.Product    mix:Lead electrode + Pressure induction plate + beijiao

3, the basic technical parameters of products:

1, single point,    single way probe (mostFar point) <40 resistor circuit, double point dual probe (farthest    point) loop <80 resistor.

2 detection unit single point probe node reliable on-off action of not    less than 1 million times,

3 DC500V voltage, measure the insulation resistance of >10.0M.

4. product features and use: the car seat sensor is a thin film    type touch sensor, the sensor contact force evenly distributed on the surface    of the seat, when the seat from produces a trigger signal to the external    pressure. When applied to the seat occupant sensing system for automobile,    such as safety belt alarm sensor. The automatic meter taxi. It can according    to the shape of car seats. The hardness and skin sensitivity of the shape and    design of the sensor contact tightness.
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